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I'm a former educator turned stay-at-home mom.

More recently, I have been working as a Digital PR Specialist since the beginning of 2022. During this time, I have landed clients high-tier links from sites, including CNBC, CNN, GoBankingRates, NASDAQ, The Sun, Yahoo! News, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, and more.

From ideation to outreach, I have created and perfected digital PR processes, specifically for Expert Commentary campaigns, that have successfully driven traffic to clients' sites.

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Expert warns against 6 common estate agent tricks when buying your new home

Buying a new home can be a daunting and stressful time as finding the property you really want, dealing with the finances and handling legal details is a lot of work.

This is often not helped by some estate agents who are more interested in closing a deal than making sure the right person and home have been matched.

This is why a property expert has revealed 6 common estate agent tricks used against home buyers when viewing or discussing a house or flat.

Expert Reveals 5 Tips We Can All Learn From Barbie’s Content Marketing - Your Coffee Break

With the Barbie movie set to release July 21, 2023, Google searches for the term “Barbie” have hit over 10M searches this month, and “Burger King Barbie” have increased 2457% this past week.

Barbie has taken over social media platforms, from people recreating iconic scenes from the trailer to fast food chains dedicating meals in bright pink colors to the movie, leading to a worldwide Barbie uprising!
• Over 10 Million searches for “Barbie” this month

Content marketing is an integral component

How to pack everything you need for your upcoming trip in a backpack

Flying these days is a different experience than in decades past. More and more airlines have begun charging fees for bringing a carry-on bag on board, which makes packing a challenge if you don’t want to fork out extra cash on top of the cost of your ticket.

Luckily, many of the airlines that now charge for carry-on bags still classify travel backpacks as a personal item — with some size restrictions. As a traveler, there’s plenty you can do to maximize your backpack’s volume for a several-day

Sorry, This Popular Radiator 'Hack' Isn't Saving You Any Money

Spring is on its way but this is the UK and in typical UK fashion, it’s still cold. This means many Brits are still trying to find ways to save money on their energy bills.

However, many of these so-called ‘hacks’ that are circling around can actually waste more energy and increase electric bills, with experts warning against trying them out for yourself.

Fortunately, an energy expert from Land of Rugs has done some major debunking around some of these ‘tricks’ and has a few tips on how to kee

The Alternative Christmas Dinner: What do other countries eat for a Christmas dinner?

As Brits worry about a potential turkey shortage for Christmas dinner, now might be a good time to see how the rest of the world celebrate the seasonal meal.

Will it really be Christmas without the traditional festive turkey and all the trimmings for some UK households? That’s the concern many consumers are having in the lead up to Christmas Day 2022 with recent news there may be a closer to the big day, despite some farmers claiming the contrary.

The recent spate of cases have left some consu

Here are some last minute tips for Thanksgiving holiday travel

Before you head out over the hills and through the snow for Thanksgiving, travel experts are raising some interesting questions about whether or not you’ve (or the 53 million others traveling over the weekend) packed everything you need to make it a safe and seamless trip.

Because a lot has changed over the last few years since COVID-19 crept into our lives, there are lots of questions being asked. And while ConsumerAffairs covered a lot of those in our holiday travel guide, there are some that

Expert issues warning over 'extremely dangerous' energy-saving TikTok trend

With winter quickly approaching and energy bills soaring, many of us have been searching for ways to save money on heating our homes during the colder months this year.

One of the methods that people are turning to is making their own cheap heat sources, including terracotta heaters.

The terracotta heater hack is becoming more popular as the trend goes viral on TikTok, with users being told that it is an effective way to save money on heating bills.

But experts have warned that the hack is "e

From dishwasher to lights - people could cut bills by 'over £500'

The internet is awash with tips to save energy and reduce bills, but not all of them seem to be as effective as they’re made out to be. According to the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), households can reduce utility bills by more than £500 if they follow the correct guidance. With that in mind, here are five energy-saving myths fact-checked by experts.

Even with the most recent changes to the price caps, Government figures suggest that at 34p per kWh, electricity cha

Expert advises five top tips to staging your home on a budget

Selling your house may well be one of the most stressful things you ever do, but there are a few things you can do to ensure a smoother process. As many who are currently navigating a house move will know all too well, the way a house is staged can make all the difference and can be key to a quick sale.

A well-staged house can help speed up the selling process, allowing buyers to envision what their life might look like in their new home. Although you may assume staging a house may set you back

The 5 best U.S. states for quitting your job and launching your own business

Quitting your job to finally give that business idea of yours a shot is a thrilling, and risky, proposition. Living in the right state could give you just enough of a leg up to succeed.

After all, your business' location can play a huge role in determining what sort of employees and customers you can attract, as well as costs like taxes and payroll. To offer some help in narrowing down your search, Looka.com — a website that offers branding and design tools for startups — has released a new ran

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